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  • Block 450 Harshiddhnagar, Sector 24, Gandhinagar, Gujarat 382024
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About Us

Buddham Global Export LLP a startup export-import firm in the field of multiple products has created a global image of being a quality supplier to many international clients and an importer of quality products.

Buddham Global Export team have sense of knowledge on various aspects starting from Sourcing, Production, Customization, Regulatory affairs, Documentation and International business tactics.

The Vision and Mission of the company has always been to provide the domestic markets the best of service and goods from the international markets by importing and supplying the best of quality products to international markets from the domestic products by exporting.

Our Motto And Core Values

We Help You to Grow
Your Business Quickly

At Buddham Global Group, our motto is to enrich and optimize the experience for our clientele. Our approach towards achieving this is largely impacted by our strong set of core values.


Because we are a team of innovative, forward-thinking individuals


We can vouch for our responsiveness, transparency, and, immense credibility at all times

Employee Development

We strive to encourage continual development, reinforce, and boost the morale of our employees. We aim to build a team that is equipped for today and is proactively ready to take on challenges for tomorrow.

Our Team

Each member of our team works towards the same goal, to better your growth from warehousing to customs, we employ the best and brightest minds to undertake different roles in complete symphony.